Welcome to the site about movies with relatively hidden meanings. As a person who sees God as number one, I have a tendency to see God where others do not. Be that as it may, I have presented here, my take, on six movies that I think are the best, when speaking about God in an indirect, but nevertheless, a very profound way.

"Spoiler Alert"

If you haven't seen any of the movies listed below, you may want to watch the movie before clicking on the links.

Below are the links to the six movies. The first, “Pulp Fiction”, I believe is the best. The rest are listed in descending order. The Matrix, gets its high ranking because it is the best movie in its three part series. However by itself, it is impossible to understand its meaning.

1. Pulp Fiction

2. The Matrix

3. Avatar

4. Inception

5. Deja Vu

6. 1408

1Who is more apt to discover the truth? The one who listens to one side or the one who listens to all sides?